Alpaca Business Through COVID-19 and Beyond

Growing Your Alpaca Business/Lifestyle Seminar!

In this time of uncertainty, one thing stands out… the creativity of alpaca owners. Here’s a rare opportunity to learn from two experts about solutions to the economic downturn. In this jam-packed seminar you will discover...

  • How to use alpaca products to achieve your alpaca lifestyle goals.
  • How to start small and risk little as you develop your alpaca business. 
  • Simple, easy and fun ways to locally promote your alpaca farm, for profit. 
  • Unique ideas others have used to produce a successful, fulfilling alpaca business.

This seminar program is created by Julie Roy. 

Julie is an Alpaca Business Coach who works with clients to start and grow their alpaca business through her Profit Accelerator Program.

Julie raised show quality alpacas in southern CA for 13 years.

She is the author of Alpaca Business Secrets, Alpacas Made Simple and the newly released 3 Myths eBook.

Julie will guide the online live seminar. Input from Choice Alpaca Products will offer you new business insights. You will have a chance to ask questions in real-time or just listen.

Learn from other farms and small businesses. Have fun sharing your experience with others.

Choice Alpaca Products offers a select group of unique alpaca related products specifically designed for alpaca farm stores and small mom-n-pop shops.

"Every product we design, find and offer comes from our days of alpaca farming and our own original farm store and answers 'Yes' to the question, 'Will this work in a farm store?' Somewhat 'addicted', we are constantly looking for new and interesting items for your store sales to support your business."

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Hosts: Julie Roy, Alpaca Business Coach and Brian from Choice Alpaca Products.

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No cost, no obligation, just fun learning new ideas!